Home Tricks to Make Your Summer Cooler

Your air conditioning unit might be your savior when it comes to the summer season. Especially today compared to a few decades ago, the temperature is just unbearably hot sometimes. Most of the time. You decide. If you don’t want to keep sane during the high heat, you should always keep your AC inspected and maintained especially when summer is just around the corner. Air Conditioner Repair Troy MI can help you. Other than that, here are some tips and tricks we collected to help you reduce the heat in your home during this season.

Don’t Use the Stove

Summer and barbecue are synonymous. That’s just the way it is. This is so because you can finally enjoy the outdoors and you can prepare meals while doing so. If you don’t want to deal with coals and manual grilling, you can always choose electric cooking. Utilizing one will still allow you to cook you and your family’s favorite foods. You can make anything without using your stove. You can also use a pressure cooker and let it work overnight so it won’t add up to the day’s already hot temperature.

Use Blackout Drapes or Blinds

Not tying the curtains or lifting the blinds during summer will help keep the sun’s heat out and not enter your room. If you want to add more to the protection, having blackout drapes or curtains will be efficient as well. They can give extra assurance to keep the warmth out the summer months. Trust us. They are effective.

Try Outdoor Coverings

Things such as wooden blinds and screens that you place outside the windows rather than inside can be just as effective. Hang them firmly outside the windows throughout the mid-year to stop more than 50% of heat from the sun to penetrate the windows. If you live in an apartment, remember to check with the owner, manager, or landlord before you do anything. If they give you the go signal, don’t forget to ask what type they will allow.

Open the Windows During the Evening

If the house is still hot during the evening, you can help eliminate the undesirable warmth by opening the windows. This is particularly helpful if the temperature inside is cooler. To encourage ventilation, fans ought to be situated on the down and sideward of the house looking out. Open the windows in every room. But make sure your area is not known for insect and pest infiltration. Or no mosquitos can be spotted out. If you want to make sure, you can open the windows for only a moment.

Do the Ice Hack

The what? This is a hack that many people believe in. You just need a few things. You actually need just two – ice and a container. Place the ice in the container and place it in front of a fan. And there you go. Instant cooling.

Try any one or several of these tips and tricks and you’ll find that they’re effective. You can thank us later.